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From Mary Fran APRIL 2019

We are going to be out of town the 3rd Tuesday of April, so I am sending along the info I have been saving for the group.   See you next month.
Mary Fran

After Google’s decision to display IPTC fields – a new industry survey from IPTC  Deadline for this survey is 4/15/2019

Stock Agency News
Magnum Photos CEO David Kogan leaves the agency 1 March

Rick Strange, a very successful UK travel photographer with over 45 years experience is closing his website after over 4 years of very disappointing sales. Considering the excellent quality of his work, this may be a cautionary tale for any photographer considering trying to market work from a personal website rather than using a stock agency.

PhotoShelter, the leading digital asset management platform for visual storytellers, today announced two dynamic additions to the company’s management team: Kristine Muccigrosso and Daniel Salerno. Muccigrosso joins as the VP of Customer Success and Salerno as the Director of Talent and People Operations.

Shutterstock has reported Q4 2018 revenue of $162.1 million up $6.7% compared to Q4 2017. (The comparison excludes the 2017 revenue from Webdam which was divested in Q1 2018.) The revenue was also up $9.5 million from Q3 2018. Revenue per download averaged $3.40 per image, compared to $3.33 in Q4 2017. (Much of this growth is probably due to increased sales of video content offered at much higher prices than still image content.)

PantherMedia is now representing the work of the largest provider of 360 °/VR media provider, 360Cities. 360 °/VR media are ideal for use in education, publishing, advertising and film, as well as in the development of mobile apps and games. 360Cities has been curating high-quality, fully 360 ° interactive panoramic photos for over 10 years, working with thousands of passionate VR photographers and videographers from around the world.

Shutterstock have launched in-app contributor sign-ups for both Android and iOS platforms, (until now only available via a desktop)  available in 21 languages …making uploading and selling photos on their platform much easier for the mobile-first generation.  Read more:

A new UK-wide photo agency representing female photographers called Female Perspective has been launched by Brighton based photographer Tabatha Fireman. Having worked at numerous photo agencies as both photographer and assignment editor, and with a desire to redress the gender imbalance that currently exists in photojournalism, Tabatha, 44, set out to create a photo agency consisting of high-calibre women photographers.  Read more:

PhotoShelter   March has been an extraordinary month for us. From premiering our brand new podcast Vision Slightly Blurred to securing $8 million in funding and celebrating our 14th birthday, we’re bursting with great news and excitement about the future.

VICE Media’s Broadly  Stock Photos Beyond the Binary  Launched: Gender inclusive stock photo library available for free to media outlets

1)  Getty Images sent out the following notice to image suppliers yesterday. Be sure to also see Getty Simplifying RM Exclusivity where I analyze the pros and cons of this plan for image creators. They said, "We will soon begin including a base level of Exclusivity into RM licenses called Market Freeze, which will allow customers exclusive use of an image for the combination of use, industry, geography, and duration of any commercial use license  READ MORE:

2)  Getty Images personnel are telling some stock agency image suppliers that in 3 to 5 years there will be no more Rights Managed licensing. Everything will be RF. Currently, only 21% of the images in Getty’s Creative collection are RM. That is down from 55% in 2007, the last time Getty supplied detailed figures on gross sales of the various collections. Getty is also putting pressure on individual photographers to switch their RM images to RF.

4) Insights, culture and trends. A lens into culture and the visual imagery that moves it


1)  CEPIC Statement on Works of Visual Arts in the Public Domain

2)  Supreme Court ruling on Copyright registration - Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v., LLC

As a result, suits for copyright infringement cannot be commenced until after the Copyright Office issues (or denies) a registration, but the Court noted that plaintiffs can seek damages for infringement that occurred before and after the registration was granted.

From the Copyright Alliance: 
SCOTUS Rules in Favor of
‘Certificate’ Approach in Fourth Estate Case
On March 4, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp v. – a case concerning whether a copyright owner can file an infringement suit after submitting their application, fee and creative deposit to the U.S. Copyright Office while awaiting the Register of Copyrights to act on it. In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court held that registration occurs when the Register either completes (or refuses) a registration application. Thus, creators must wait for Copyright Office approval of their registration before filing an infringement lawsuit. The opinion, authored by Justice Ginsburg, also mentions that “the statutory scheme has not worked as Congress likely envisioned. [Copyright] registration processing times have increased from one or two weeks in 1956 to many months today,” which is “attributable, in large measure, to staffing and budgetary shortages that Congress can alleviate, but courts cannot cure.”

3)  Supreme Court Hands Down Critical Decisions in Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v., LLCand Rimini Street, Inc. v. Oracle USA, Inc.,Resolving Circuit Splits Over Interpretation of Copyright Act Provisions
4)  United States Copyright Office Updated Draft of Compendium

5) E.U. lawmakers back copyright reforms targeting Google, Facebook

Google said the reforms would lead to legal uncertainty and hurt Europe's creative and digital economies.

6)  Ninth Circuit Addresses Outstanding Copyright Issues in VHT, Inc v Zillow Group

7)  Global Infringement Report 2019 ► Tracking Worldwide Image Theft

9)  On March 27, 2019, Librarian of Congress Dr. Carla Hayden appointed Karyn A. Temple Register of
Copyrights and the Director of the U.S. Copyright Office.

10)  Updated: RNC Didn’t Infringe Photographer’s Copyright, Montana Judge Rules

11)  Supreme Court Denies Co Rentmeester’s Copyright Petition over Nike “Jumpman”

Photo District News (PDN)

Quick Tip: Trim Estimates by Cutting Expenses—NOT Your Fee

PDN EDU - Articles include:  Business Smarts,  Ask a Photo Editor, Is It Legal


Pearson has sold its U.S. schools course materials business to the private equity groups Nexus Capital Management LP for $250 million. Nexus will pay an initial $25 million and a further $225 million by way of a vendor note due in the next three to five years for the business, which provides textbooks and resources for students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Huawei is using photos created with a DSLR to promote their new P30 Smartphone Pro Camera rather than photos actually taken with the camera. This is the third time they have been caught using DSLR stock photos to promote the use of their smartphones. They seem to have no qualms about misrepresenting their products to the public and potential buyers.

The 2019 Photographer's Guide to Instagram Hashtags

The Very, Very Important Reasons Why You Need to Separate Yourself From Your Brand

Is picture research dead?

Tech Explained: Autotracing

The difference between bit-mapped and vector images, and how autotrace converts them

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

FROM MARY FRAN  Nov 20, 2018

1)   Photographer Income Survey Results  - full results can be seen at  There were 270 responses which is somewhat disappointing considering the tens of thousands of photographers producing stock images today…Clearly, the business of stock photography has become more of a part-time, supplementary source of income and no longer a viable career.

1-a)  2019 Creative & Marketing Salary Guide  
As a leading creative staffing agency, TCG specializes in connecting digital, creative, marketing, advertising and public relations talent with the best companies. With office locations around the U.S. and Canada, our creative staffing experts can match highly skilled, pre-evaluated creative professionals with companies that need help on a project or full-time basis. We also provide a unique solution that combines world-class consulting with the largest global network of professionals to help businesses tackle creative, marketing and digital initiatives.

2)   Previously only available to Enterprise customers with Shutterstock Premier or Rex Features accounts – the agency’s editorial photo content is now freed up for licensing on their main site.

3) and have announced that the 360Cities’ collection of thousands of stunning, immersive 360° spherical images will now be available to Alamy customers through Alamy’s online worldwide marketplace. 

4)   Fotolia the stock photo platform acquired by Adobe in 2015 to kick start the Adobe Stock offering will close at the end of next year  – 2019. The Fotolia content will be merged into Adobe Stock.
• What you need to do as a Fotolia customer with image credits:
If you’re an eligible Fotolia customer, you can transfer your account in three easy steps and use your remaining credits and/or downloads on Adobe Stock.* As a bonus, you’ll get at least 2x the number of HD files that you would on Please note that Adobe Stock Credits and / or Downloads that you receive as part of this Offer are valid for 1 year from the date of the initial Transfer or each Monthly Quota (as applicable) and can only be used on the Adobe Stock website, not on the Fotolia website. Simply log into your Fotolia account and then follow the instructions at the top of the page
• and contributors:
Currently, Fotolia contributors can continue to sell licenses to their content on both Adobe Stock and Fotolia. As of February 5, 2019, the Adobe Stock Contributor portal will be the one place to upload, index, and submit your content.  However, even after February 5, 2019, you can continue to sell licenses to your content on both Adobe Stock and Fotolia and earn royalties for sales of licenses of your content on both websites. You will also be able to view the tax center and delete content via the Fotolia contributor portal.  See the Fotolia Contributor FAQ for more information.

5)  Magnum Photos is looking for the next generation of international photographers to join its global artistic co-operative.
The agency is accepting portfolio submissions from all international professional photographers and entries for June 2019 can be made directly through Magnum Photos’ dedicated website. Applicants are required to submit two to three photographic projects, with up to 80 pictures over all projects. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2019.

6)  J. David Ake, deputy bureau chief for visual journalism at the AP Washington bureau, has been promoted to director of photography for The Associated Press. He will be based in New York.

7) Watch: Google helps New York Times digitise photo archive – metadata by AI    The New York Times are digitising 6M prints from their photo archive to use as story content in the newspaper – Google are helping them with the process – ‘making use of numerous tools within Google Cloud Platform that allow them to securely store their images, provide them with a better interface for finding photos, and find new insights even from the data locked on the backs of image’ – so collecting metadata via AI from the detailed scan on the back of each print is how they are doing it. It’s another step forward in the whole AI learning process which Google are really leading currently.

View the first results in this NYT story HERE
…and watch the Google produced film below.
8)  Photographs by Andy Warhol that have never before been displayed publicly are at the heart of the exhibition, Contact Warhol: Photography Without End, which draws on a trove of over 130,000 photographic exposures that the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University acquired from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in 2014. The collection of 3,600 contact sheets and corresponding negatives represents the complete range of Warhol’s black-and-white photographic practice from 1976 until his unexpected death in1987.
The exhibition runs September 29, 2018–January 6, 2019

9)  The U.S. Senate has passed the FAA Reauthorization Act that will give authorities permission to shoot down private drones that are determined to be “threats.” The proposed law has sparked an outcry from civil liberties organizations.

9-a)    I’ve Never Flown a Drone. Here’s My Review of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro

10)  RAISE - Join a New Community for Photographers + Get a Chance To Win A Canon EOS R camera!

11) Social Media is Ruining Photography  Is it really, though? A simple yes or no just won’t do. There’s plenty to unpack on both sides of the debate.

12)  The Image of Famine That Facebook Tried to Censor  -  Facebook deemed Tyler Hicks' image of a malnourished, critically ill child "sexual content."

See all your photos neatly organized on the iPhone/iPad
The visual computing team of HTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences) has released a new app called “Kiano” (Keep Images Arranged & Neatly Organized). Kiano is available for the iPhone or iPad. The app requires 19 MB of free memory and iOS 11.0 or higher.
“Kiano helps to look at your photos in a completely new way,” reports Prof. Kai Uwe Barthel the developer of the app. ” With simple gestures it is possible to navigate visually through all your photos. Kiano is the only app you need to view and find your local photos. Besides a flat or perspective map view showing all images visually arranged, Kiano also offers traditional list views, a professional image viewer and the possibility to search for similar photos”. 
Before you start Kiano the first time, the app analyzes all images once. This is done locally without any data transfer to any server. When you start the app next time, only new and modified images will be analyzed.
After the initial analysis the app can quickly generate visually sorted maps of thousands of images. In this map you can use familiar gestures to zoom in and out, adjust the perspective or select individual photos to view them or to start a similarity search. In the list view, photos are conveniently sorted by year of creation, and the album view allows to view all created photo albums. There is also a slide show, which can be further configured in the settings of the app, a video player, and other options for customizing the map view.
As Kiano is available for free, it is definitely an interesting option for all photo enthusiasts.

Walt Whitman Championed Democracy and Fought for Copyright – Part I by David Newhoff

Twenty Years of the DMCA: Notice and Takedown in Hindsight (Part I) by Terrica Carrington

Kendrick Lamar Could Be Forced to Share Profits From His ‘Black Panther’ Hit Because of an Artist’s Copyright Lawsuit

Twenty Years of the DMCA: Notice and Takedown in Hindsight (Part II) by Terrica Carrington

In a big win for NPPA (National Press Photographer’s Association), after years of litigation, a federal judge struck down a Wyoming law that unconstitutionally banned photography in certain circumstances in Wyoming. They were represented by Public Justice in this case, but Mickey H. Osterreicher, Esq. and Alicia Wagner Calzada, PLLC dedicated many hours to this effort.

Getty Images successfully had a case against it dismissed by a federal judge in the Southern District of New York in which another image distributor, Zuma Press accused it of copyright infringement and of altering copyright management information by not including its information in the source credit of the digital content and sought substantial statutory damages. Getty Images prevailed on both claims by using a defense called “equitable estoppel”. This defense has to do with fairness, and prevents a party from claiming they suffered an injury at the hands of another when the first party’s own activity mislead the second party into causing the injury. The court further noted that Getty Images lacked the necessary statutory intent for a violation of integrity of copyright management information.
Read the entire article here

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Photography Pioneer Anna Atkins

The New York Public Library is drawing from its collections—and ideas that continue to inspire artists today—to present two companion exhibitions celebrating the life and legacy of one of photography's earliest pioneers. Often considered the first female photographer, artist and botanist Anna Atkins published the first ever book using the newly discovered cyanotype process. Today, her bright blue images continue to resonate in the art world. Discover her work and the work she has influenced in these exhibitions on display at the Library's 42nd Street building. Plus, check out an array of programs and other Library resources to learn more about Atkins and photography today.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SIGMA CEO interview on their new approach

 I like the new Sigma approach to taking on Canon especially in coming up with competing or better niche lenses that do not exist.  Example are the 18 - 300mm C lens and the 150- 600mm C lens that is under $1000.  Great company to watch.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


From Susan May Tell

There are a hundred (probably more) photo galleries in Manhattan. It really comes down to your researching galleries to see which ones show work you like and fit with. There isn’t any ASMP-friendly-gallery-list. Galleries are in business to make money and each gallerist establishes their brand for whom their audience is or wants it to be. Two great sources for photography exhibitions:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

APA Steps to Success Seminar

This from Niki:

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Statistics show that nearly 90% of all small businesses fail in the first 5 years, yet here we are, choosing to run photography businesses.
Whether you’ve been in business for one year or thirty the truth is, you need to pay attention to your business every day and be prepared to work hard and work smart.  One smart action is to get help from experts who know what your buyers need.

6:30-8:30 pm, Weds, Sept 28
Adelante Studios, 25 W 31st St

On September 28th, you’ll have an opportunity to hear about the new selling paradigm in the commercial photo industry, a twist created by buying trends and you will learn the steps you need to take in order to meet todays buyers needs. Join us as one of our industry’s leading consultants, Selina Maitreya, leads a special evening seminar titled, “Steps to Success” for members of APA and others in our creative community.
In this seminar you’ll learn the number one request buyers have of photographers, how to identify your audience and the three key areas that you need to develop in order to build a successful sales and marketing program.
Join us as Selina shares a visual program that will highlight  2 APA photographers who have successfully taken the steps needed and have grown their businesses to meet their creative and financial goals.

Register Today!

Just Announced!
Selina has agreed to hold a follow up workshop for herSteps to Success program. This all-day workshop is where a very limited number of people will have the chance to work in small groups and with Selina to actually do the work to complete the steps.
Dont's pass up this opportunity to spend the whole day with Selina (lunch included) and put yourself on the path to a higher level of success.

All-day Workshop info

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